Azenith Works in Progress…

  • 2005 – Azenith starts building writing proposals and marketing for small startup businesses upon referral by colleagues. This eventually leads to writing technical documents and resumes for professionals.
  • 2007 ~ Azenith Works makes it’s official debut as a professional writing service in April. Azenith converting from a hobbyist to a freelancer. Helping friends and family successfully market their skills, experiences and abilities through their resumes and cover letters.
  • 2008 ~ AW makes its presence on the worldwide web for the first time. Seeking to increase income. Offering its services beyond the community network to anyone who wants help to succeed. Offering free advice and expertise to college students while its owner returned to school and completed her associate’s degree in Business.
  • 2009 ~ While income did not increase, AW continued to push forward offering more services. This lead to the expansion of addition staff to help meet the demands of design and marketing for custom T-shirt designs. For growth, AW shut down its services and began to develop more skills in order to bring more to the competition. Its owner ending the by completing her bachelor’s degree in management from Rosemont College.
  • 2011 ~ AW’s owner Azenith, obtains her Master’s of Science degree in Project Management from Western Carolina University. Completing her studies and searching out for her own personal career aspirations. Including reopening the company’s doors to new clients.
  • 2014 ~ AW owner obtains a MS graduate certificate from Penn State University in supply chain management. Community demand grows for services as associates and family begins new round of college entrants.
  • 2015 ~ Azenith Works retuned to web to reestablish it’s place on the net as a competitive service to the global community.
  • 2016 ~ AW expands its services to include organizational services and coordination. Servicing people who need a work-life balance within their family home or business.
  • 2018 ~ Rebranded & Revamped
    Azenith Works finally chooses a logo (designed by KingJah) and slogan to represent herself and the movement the owner helps to perpetuate. The website is revamped for a new spring look for professionalism and encouragement, offering a new empowering blog filled with experience.